Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Lost Pyramid
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

The Lost Pyramid

Have you ever heard of the Lost Pyramids in ancient Egypt?
Updated 21.06.2013

There are a lot of pyramids that have been lost to mankind, even destroyed pyramids, as well as those that 
have not been found yet.

I do adore to sink into the books about ancient Egypt, their knowledge constantly astounds me.

  • Destroyed Pyramids
  • Lost Pyramids
  • Pyramids that have not yet been found

Sankt Joseph Hotel
Celebrating my birthday researching 
the Lost pyramids of ancient Egypt.

In the summer of 2008 I read some articles, they were so intriguing that I had to visit the site that they spoke about, something about a lost pyramid.

I like to plan my own excursion, bypassing any tourist guides, since I already have the experiences, and I tend to want to see more than what is allowed on the visits with guides.

If you are not familiar with a location, then I urgently recommend that you do use a guide.

Destroyed Pyramids

In the 1800 century some pyramids became the victim of a self proclaimed Egyptologist named Richard William Howard Vyse.

In his mind, he must have seen himself as some revolutionary man with great ideas, which he was fare from.

His ideas were so destructive, that some of the magnificent history of Egypt, will be gone forever.

After enjoying his military campaigns, and then moving into politics, this man suddenly ends up in Egypt...

with a load of dynamite...

Vyse would use dynamite trying to get into the Pyramids, because he believed that they would be filled with treasure...

Did you know that he even had his team drill into the Sphinx's back?

He suddenly had a strange idea of drilling into the Sphinx's back, but the drill got stuck around 8 meters into the Sphinx.

He wanted to use dynamite, but thankfully stopped himself, and so they left the drills that were stuck, and moved on to other destructive things.

The Lost Pyramid in Egypt
One of the Lost Pyramids of ancient Egypt.

Lost Pyramids

There are many pyramids that can be classified as being lost pyramids, and some of them have even been found again.

Some pyramid structures were abandoned for different reasons, either the king died before the pyramid was completed or the material didn't work.

There are many tales and theories of Pyramids that haven't been uncovered yet, even Mr. Edgar Cayce is noted to have talked a lot about Pyramids that are still lost to mankind.

It would be logical to think that the sand might hold more than we could imagine. 

It is well known that to go back in time, one must dig deeper into the ground. The ground level we have in our present day is much higher.

So for instance if you wanted to look 200 years back in time, then you might dig 5 - 10 meters down into the ground. This was not an exact measurements, but more to illustrate what I meant.

Pyramids that have not yet been found

I do suspect that there are a lot of pyramids which we haven't found yet, the desert sand can contain so much, and it is always in motion.

Just to direct some attention to other more recent discovery, which have 
baffled a lot of people.

Yonaguni Pyramid in Japan

The Yonagumi Monument Was discovered in 1987, by a shark observer, before that no one had ever mentioned this sctructure before.

A scientist named Masaaki Kimura, lead a team to investigate these gigantic underwater structures.

But there are those scientist that believe this is caused by natures own process...

Freediving Yonaguni Pyramid

Yonaguni Monument


Pyramids of Egypt by Mark Lehner
ISBN 87-00-33978-4


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