Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Unopened Tomb
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

The Unopened Tomb

of the unknown Queen at Giza

Last time I visited Egypt, as I said earlier, was in the days of my birthday. 
This next part took place the day after my birthday. 

It was the afternoon, me and my mother were sitting in the hotel in Cairo. We could see the pyramids outside beyond the balcony through the mist of our modern day traffic. 

I doze of into them, feeling that they were so close and yet the traffic mist made them seem much further away. 

I turned and looked at my mother, she was putting clothe into a beautiful carved cabinet. I asked her if we should go up to the pyramids /Giza Platue, which she off course said yes to. 

We started out by looking at the temple which is besides the Sphinx, a truly remarkable temple. Yet another monument which must have been built by a more ancient people with a more modest mind, because there is again no other writing upon this building (which the Egyptians were known for).

Another evidence of this building not being the Egyptian work is the perfection which goes beyond anything even to this day. As you can see upon the pictures, they are cut in remarkable ways. 

This must make one wonder, why choose to do that? It is much easier to build a square like structure (block upon block). There seems to be a conscious choice to carving the rocks in curtain ways, displaying their knowledge in a completely new way to the modest mind.

I would call it mathematical, shapes and numbers. The line in the rocks, are now as important as the hieroglyphic are in temples, but this message goes beyond our modern knowledge. 

I will leave this to your own judgment.

We had just finished looking at the ancient temple, and we choose to walk besides the Sphinx and a little bit further on. We were stopped by a man working at the site, he asked if we wanted to see something special. 

We looked at each other, and we nodded. 

We started to follow the man over big rocks going up and down, as we came to a deeper drench, the man turned towards me and said “I have been waiting 1000 years for you” I just smiled. 

There were three openings in some huge rocks, three tombs. I just sat in front of them looking into the darkness. 

The man then walked a little bit further on, and told us that there was found yet another tomb which is supposed to be 3000 years old, and was probably a queen.



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