Secrets of Ancient Egypt: A Magical guide to Luxor temple
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

A Magical guide to Luxor temple

Uncover the Truth about Luxor Temple

There exist thousands of different Guide books, about any given subject. Each containing its own individuality, but many times they are just describing the same subject in different manners. 

I have a ton of guide books, especially from Egypt. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I quickly ran over most guides books about Egypt. 

As I have always been more interested in the ancient culture, I began collecting more university books and deeper research work into different things. 

To my surprise, it has revealed ton of information, which are rarely mentioned in normal guide books. 

I am baffled by the stories which are never mentioned, so I thought I bring more light upon some. 

In my guide book a magical guide to Luxor temple, describes exactly what the title says, the magic behind the temple and other forgotten facts.
A Magical guide to Luxor temple - temple guide book

There is much to know about Luxor temple.

• Did you known that the Pylon contains its own secret? 

 • Do you know what the pylon is actually used for? 

 • Did you know that Hatshepsut also left her mark in this temple, actually she was the one who began the Luxor temple? 

 • Do you know the Folklore behind the Mosque in the temple?

These are just some of the questions which I have chosen to answer, and many more. 

I even reveal the location of some real beautiful reliefs of the ancient pharaohs, and upon a map I have drawn in the location of them. I even give you the location of a real treasure, which is now to be found in the Luxor museum. 

Short and to the point, this guide book is written in such a manner that everyone is able to read it with ease, and still receive a lot of NEW information about this special temple. 

The price is more than affordable, for merely 10 $ you have it in your hands in no time. 

Being Re-published at the moment


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  3. Egypt is really a nice country with one of the greatest civilizations we ever had. I'm looking forward to this guide.. hope it's as good as it s title suggests thanks :)