Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Last Balanced Empire - Free Magazine
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By WindBlowerTM

The Last Balanced Empire - Free Magazine

Ancient Egypt, The Last Balanced Empire

I wanted to change the interaction a little bit, I thought it might be nice and more entertaining to read a magazine. We could call it post’s within a post. This is another way to visit the land of ancient Egypt but with more content that is presented in a much better fashion. 

1. Just click on the magazine and you will be able to read it on full page, without any complications what so ever – and you are even able to zoom in and out.

  • The sunken coffin A short article about a pharaoh’s (king’s) coffin, And how it was found and lost.
  • Franck Goddio, Haiti Foundation A unique view into cities that were lost at sea.
  • The Priestess, Maat-Ka-Ra A window into the life of a priestess called Maat-Ka-Ra.
  • The story of Omm Sety A review of the book ‘The search for Omm Sety’
  • Tragic what happened Some short articles about how mummies were treated.
  • And much more.
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    1. Hey Karina, how are you?? iam salah the owner of Ancient Egypt blog, we chatted alot before and knew alot of you but you disappeared, anyway i knew that you are in egypt now, so welcome :), if you want to see me just contact me here and here is my mobile number: 0020128537461 waiting

    2. Dear Salah "Ancient Egypt blog"

      Yes, I have a lot of work these days, and meanwhile working I study a lot. We returned from Egypt two days after your comment, so I did not see it while I was there. I never disappear my friend, so never think that. But I also work 'IRL' (In real life - normal job).
      I hope you have a lovely day, if I am not mistaken then its your day off, may you have a lovely friday.
      Sincerely, Karima.