Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Duamutef, The Sons of Horus
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Duamutef, The Sons of Horus

He is considered to be one of the Founders of Astrology

Behind the many layers of Anubis, lies a truth which cannot be denied. 

Through his nature we are lead to the magnificent guardians of the Coffin, guardian of the four corners of the Earth, also known as the sons of Horus.

They are the keepers of time 
and the followers of the soul.

Duamutef, who is a fascinating creature of the four sons of Horus is another Jackal but a separate character from Anubis. 

Duamutef is actually believed to the one of the founders of the Zodiac.
Duamutef, one of the son of Horus.

To understand this level of ancient Egyptian religious belief, you must open your mind to symbolism and history written by poets and artist who paint it in wonderful colors. It is a history written in a mysterious way, and only few come close to understanding the complete picture.

When we speak about Duamutef, we are actually speaking about one of the sons of Horus
these are the four guardians ‘jars’ which are also referred to as the Egyptian canopic jars, where the deceased organs were placed in. 

when we are speaking of the sons of Horus, we are actually also speaking about the seven divine beings. 

The sons of Horus are actually a part of the seven divine beings, where the three are hardly spoken about. 

As you can see, there is a complex system behind the gods and goddess, but remember these are the heavenly gods, those above the earthly gods. 

There seems to be no surviving temple dedicated to these gods, yet they are older and more complex than the gods and goddess that are mostly mentioned.

Some believe that the Jackal is actually not a divinity in the manner that we understand it, but is rather a ‘type’ to be even more precise the ‘Judgment type’ below as well as above.

This is further proven by the ancient texts, in the different manners we find the jackal character in. 

In one passage in the book of the dead, the seven divine beings (the sons of Horus) are seen standing behind the Anubis chest. 

clearly showing the distinction that I am referring to, where we have one being and object, namely the Anubis chest, and Duamutef is standing besides his six divine brothers.
Duamutef - Tuamutef's name

The Four sons of Horus are

Imsety – South Duamutef – East
Hapy – North Qebesenuef - West

As the four sons (and even souls) of Horus, they were the friends of the deceased, helping in rituals as well as guiders in the ‘passing’.

In my book ‘The secret of Anubis, the winter Triangle’ I make parallels to the ancient Greek world and how they saw the stars. 

It focuses on the zodiac as it is in the Dendera temple, and shows a clear and visible connection between Egyptian gods and goddess and the universe, a real star map from the ancient culture of the Egyptians, that shows the beginning of the souls journey among the stars.

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  1. Hi Karima,

    Interesting post. I like your graphics too. Coincidentally, I've just posted my article on the Four Sons of Horus:

    Concept of the Four Sons of Horus

    I also mention Tuamutef as one of the seven stars.

  2. There are undeniable parallels between the four sons / the seven spirits and the four archangels of the christian belief (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel) which belong to the seven Angels of Apocalypse. Maybe you can find out more about that.

  3. Dear Jörn

    You are indeed right about the parallels between ancient Egyptian religion and Christianity, the oldest Christian (the Coptic Christians) say that Christianity came with the ancient Egyptian beliefs, just changed.
    I already know a good deal of the Christian angels, because I found them fascinating, and much had direct parallels to Christian religion but also all the other religions of our lovely world. And yes I know that there are actually seven angels of the Apocalypse (some even say eight, but the last one is never seen or heard of – like a hidden element). I could write a post about it, and many other things, ideas and beliefs that descend from the Egyptian – if you would like to read more about that?

    Have a Happy New Years eve, if you celebrate that :)

  4. I can see parallels between your ideas and those I have about the megalith builders. They also believed in the journey of the soul through the night-sky. If we could identify the origin of the representation of the constellations (48 classic) we could make a breakthrough. I have hints that point to the west instead of the mainstream idea of the east.