Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Travel to Egypt with Younes Rejser
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Travel to Egypt with Younes Rejser

Younes Rejser
Recently opened in Denmark, Younes Rejser gives you a completely new experience of traveling to Egypt. 

They have existed for 25 years in Egypt, mostly accommodating Scandinavian guest, with their unique travel packages. If you have any specific place in mind, then you can easily make your own unique adventure. 

They have very good relations to Egyptian agencies, which makes them capable of almost anything. They offer something extra in everything you need or require, and they always make people feel special. 

The possibilities are endless, if you only need the plain ticket, then they can handle that too. If you have any personal wishes which goes beyond the normal travel agency, then Younes Rejser 
I personally recommend that you use Younes Rejser for your next trip to Egypt.

My Personal Experience; This year my parents and I used Younes Rejser, and I must say it was the best vacation that I ever been on. 

From the moment that we left Copenhagen airport, everything went smooth and so easily. Tickets and all the information needed was sent to us before we left Denmark, so we just had to flip our passports and then we were off. 

In Cairo’s airport, which becomes more beautiful for each time that I see it, we were meet by a man in a suite, he looked very professional. 

He personally guided us to where we needed to be, just a short while later, everything was done, and we were off to Luxor. When we arrived in Luxor airport, everything went as easily, we were picked up and received all the information and more. I must say, it was perfect, I am not good at running around airports looking for plains, and desks, – Younes Rejser took care of everything for us.

Younes Rejser ApS Contact information: Younes Rejser ApS Grithsvej 15 2791 Dragør Telefon 36 99 05 27 Please visit to read more [In Danish]

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  1. I wonder if you wanted to Travel to Egypt with Younes Rejser what the price of the trip cost!