Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Urt-Hekau, Goddess of magical spells
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Urt-Hekau, Goddess of magical spells

Who is the Ancient Goddess Urt-Hekau

She was an embodiment of Isis in the form of a serpent, it was her form in the night boat, as her powerful magical spells would protect Ra on his journey.

There she stood before me, like she had guided me to her. I stood in awe as I looked upon her magical being. Who was she, for what reason did she exist? Of all the beings that I had seen, never had my eyes seen her before, and yet there she was.
The Cobra Goddess Urt-Hekau
Urt-Hekau Cobra Goddess of Magical Spells

Urt-Hekau is her name. She is an ancient goddess, so much so that even the old Egyptians called her ancient. She belongs to the road of the Underworld, the dark land between Earth and heaven. 

Who is she, seems as mysterious as the pyramid creation itself, what was her purpose, no one knows for curtain. 

But no matter what we understand or lack to understand in our modern world, she is clearly important. And the lack of knowledge about her is probably further proof of her importance. 

I say this because the most holy of holiness has always been 'hidden'/ the least written about especially in our modern books.

Her name contains the word of Magic itself [Heka], and the Cobra was a symbol of power.

Personal note…
Right now I am thinking about Isis when she tricked Ra into giving her, his real name. 

In this mythological story she poisons him, with something he doesn’t even know. When Isis did this towards Ra, she was a kind of embodiment of magic itself. 

At further observation, I find it rather odd that Ra could not heal himself from her poison, if she is a smaller god than him. 

Maybe she was more or less equal to him in the heavenly sense?

By this I mean, Ra is the Sun, so if she is a star then this would make more sense, as the stars are both equal and more than our Sun. 

The Sun is mostly important to our environment/life force here upon earth. But the stars in general are as important and as great, just in ways we have still to figure out.

UPDATED 19. december - 2009
Since I am home in Denmark now, I can look in all of my books, which might give a further explanation of her. 

She is a most mysterious goddess, and it would seem that not much is known about her. The passages where her name has been found, leads us to a little more knowledge about her.
From Budge 'Gods of ancient Egypt Vol I'.
It states that Urt-Hekau is the 'protective power of the Eye of Horus.'

Directly connecting her to the mythology stories known as the 'Eye-myths'.


From Budge Gods of ancient Egypt Vol II .
It has a short passages from the text of Pepi I (line 100 ff.)

“Hail, Nut in whose head appear the Two Eyes (i.e., Sun and Moon), thou hast taken possession of Horus and art his Urt-hekau (i.e., mighty one of words of power), thou hast taken possession of Set and art his Urt-hekau.” - This passage gives us further clues; Earlier I told you that her name contained the word for magic ‘Heka’ but rather interestingly this word ‘Heka’ contains yet another word ‘Ka.’ Now the Ka is very important in ancient Egypt, we can best translate this word for the soul. There is also something known as the ‘kau-spirits.’

It also has yet another interesting note when we read about the goddess Nephthys; That Nephthys possessed magical powers like Isis, and Urt-Hekau, ‘Mighty one of words of powers’ was as much a title for this goddess as of her husband, Set-Nubti.

Urt-Hekau is also known as a lioness goddess.

Danish translationDanish

Dér stod hun foran mig, det var som om at hun havde guidede mig dertil. Jeg stod i fuldkommen forbavselse af hendes magiske tilstedeværelse. Hvem var hun, hvad var grunden til hendes eksistens? Af alle de væsner jeg havde set, så havde mine øjne aldrig faldet på hende før, og alligevel var hun lige der.

Urt-Hekau er hendes navn. Hun er en meget gammel gudinde, så gammel at selv de gamle Ægypter kaldte hende gammel. Hun tilhører vejen til underverden, det mørke land imellem Jorden og himlen. Hvem hun er, virker næsten ligeså mystisk som de gamle pyramiders kreation gør. Grunden til hendes eksistens, er stadig uvis. Men ligegyldigt hvordan vores moderne viden er, eller mangel der af, er hendes eksistens indhyllet af uvished, men klart betydningsfuld. Den manglende viden omkring hende er nok yderlig bevis på hendes vigtige betydning. Dette siger jeg på grund af de gamles allermeste helligheder, som tit forbliver hemmelige, især i de mere moderne bøger.

Hendes navn i sig selv indeholder det gamle ord for Magi [Heka], og kobraen er de gamles symbol for kraftfuld magt.

Personlig note…
Lige nu tænker jeg på hvordan Isis narrede Ra, til at give hende, hans rigtige navn. I denne mytologiske historie forgifter hun(Isis) Ra med en gift han ikke kender til og ikke kan hele sig selv fra. Da Isis gør dette imod Ra er hun et slag væsen af selveste magien. Når jeg studere nærmer, syntes jeg at det er besynderligt at Ra ikke kunne hele ham selv fra denne gift, især hvis hun er en mindre gud en ham. Måske var hun mere på lige fod med Ra i den mere himmelske forstand. Med dette mener jeg; Ra er Solen, hvis Isis er en stjerne ville dette være mere logisk, fordi en stjerne er både på lige fod og mere end vores Sol. Solen er mest vigtig for vores form for livsform/miljø her på jord. Men stjernerne i den mere generelle forstand er ligeså vigtige, bare på måde vi stadig ikke er i stand til at tolke.

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  1. This is a wonderful blog! I hope you stay on my Entrecard so I can find it again. I love this stuff!
    I am very interested in these dark gods and goddesses -- very deep and mysterious.
    Alyne deWinter

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  4. Dear Alyne deWinter,

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    That is truly beautiful said, and I am deeply humbled. You leave me speechless here.
    May you have a magical 2010.


  6. My understanding of Urt-Hekau is that she represents the power of the ancient Egyptian mantras (Medu Ra, words of Ra) and magical spells. The most important Hekau are embodied in the Litany of Ra. In the story of Ra and Isis the lady of great secrets extracts the most important Heka of all "Amen", the secret "hidden" name of Ra, which of course was hidden in plain sight in the usual Egyptian manner. See my translation of that story, the Litany of Ra, and other classical Egyptian spiritual texts at (Egypt subsection of Civilizations section).