Secrets of Ancient Egypt: What a Human consist off
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

What a Human consist off

- In ancient Egypt

The complexity of ancient Egyptian knowledge is clear to see, when reading their old texts. 

Just to study how they believed in seven 'spirits/sides' to a human, one must be in awe of them. 

A perfect harmony to all the gods and goddess and the Universal Lord, each as important as the other.
What a Human consist off - by Karima Lachtane
Human evolution

What is Age?
When we do not fully understand the concept of time?

KA = (Double) Spirit guide, The higher self of a human, a spiritual energy.

BA = Can best be referred to as the astral body, the soul of the body, and it could move.

KHAT = the physical body, the corpse.

KHAIBIT = A person's shadow. The negative aspects of the personality.

AB = the heart of a person, the Essen's of that being.

AKH = The shining spirit. The perfect Ba, like a flower that grew from a seed, so does the Akh grow from the Ba.

SAHU = The divine body, that the Akh lives in.

REN = The name of a person.

Personal Note:

To this list must be added the fact, that each is not that easy to explain. And each is mentioned many times in ancient texts, but sometimes referred to differently. 

In some places it would seem that the Ba is not just a 'soul' but was also material in some manner, acting much like a ghost. 

In some myths, humans were formed by the water that flowed from Ra's eyes, when he wept. They fell upon earths dust and as Ra had a Ba, so did he create each human with the same, a Ba.

Another word that might need some more studying is the word 'Sahu', which in some cases refers to a group of beings, in some texts these groups worked on the mental and spiritual level. 

And in the above list, we find it speaking about a divine body, which the akh lives in. We now have more questions than answers. The divine body could refer to a giant being, maybe even the universe as a great living organism, and containing many and different akh's? 

There can be made many theories surrounding these words, but they did not think of life or mankind as being simple.

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  1. Hi According to "Ayurveda" & "Yoga" which are ancient Indian medicine systems there are seven main energy centers in our physical body and your post on what a human consists of justifies it.
    Thank you friend. I am following your site to know about Egyptian History which is full of mysteries.When the famous English movie "Mummy" was released which I have seen number of times and still wonder a place called Hamunaptra existed 3000 years back.

  2. Dear pdkamath

    Thank you following my blog here about ancient Egypt. I hope you find it informative.
    Actually I have been given such questions before, about the movie Mummy, which is also one of my favorite movies (good action packed) – But, and this is a big but. It is very fare from the truth, yet it uses a real important man from the ancient days of Egypt, namely Imhotep. But how is portrayed is completely wrong, Look at my post’s about the pharaoh Zoser I think that I will write a post about this. Thank you for pointing that out. I will give you an answer in that post.
    May you have such a lovely Evening – and have a Happy New Year, if you celebrate this.

  3. Being a huge fan of ancient Egypt, I really enjoy your blog, but I'm wondering when you will cover my favorite Egyptian deity, Bastet, the cat goddess?

  4. Dear Sparkle,

    Thank you so much for your comment! You are so true, when indeed :) There is more than 800 gods and goddess in the ancient Egyptian mythology, but like you, I am wondering why I haven’t thought about her, so I deeply thank you for brining her up. I will post something about her soon. She is also one of my favourite goddess of the Earth.

  5. I've been studying Egyptology for quite a while now, but it seems as if every informational page I come across that pertains to the murder of Amenemhet I, and the lost Millingen Papyrus, it only repeats the basics. Is there any chance you could inform us a bit more on the subject of the Millingen Papyrus, when it was lost, and who was thought to have written it. :) Thank you, dearly.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Generally information is all pretty slim and I would not recommend anyone to only use the internet for expanding their knowledge on any subject. To read that you could find anything really valuable about Amenemhet I online seems like "Wow" :)
    Dear Anonymous
    I am actually writing a post about Amenemhat III, I am putting that aside and choose to write a post about Amenemhet I and what I can find. I have some old books, I just checked through the later, oh so late, or should I say early :) And I found some Danish books from the beginning of this century, which have a translation that is longer than the one I saw online, which is only 1 paragraph, the one I found was 3 pages long. I will search and find everything I can for you ( I am a quick re-search-dog, so it won't take too much of my time, meaning it is no problemos) But It might be a long post. I shall do give it my best shoot ;)
    May you have a wonderful evening.