Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Bastet goddess
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Bastet goddess

She was seen as the heat of the Sun, 
a goddess of fire.

Bastet was the foremost goddess of the eastern part of the Delta, and both she and her city are very old. 

A huge shadow suddenly jumps before me, I am so chocked that I take a step back. My heart begins to beat harder and faster as I see it walking slowly towards me. 

A long tail makes sudden movement, as if it was a snake ready to strike. Covered in fear I look around to see if I can escape, I cannot… Is it a Tiger, is it a Lion? 

Questions and fear is making my body shake but unable to move… I stand as the shadow comes ever so close, and I hold my breath, as if the breath would take me away from reality… 

Suddenly a little cat jumps out from behind a wall, wiggling its tail and body up the wall. Kindly it comes nearer, and away went my fear. 

Such a beauty of strength and grace, that is truly Bastet.

Drawing by Karima L - Lady Bastet

Bastet was original a lioness goddess but people changed her look and she became depicted as a woman with a cat's head. She had her own city/nome, which is mentioned in the bible, this city was called Bubastis. 

She is mentioned in many ancient texts, she was the daughter of Ra the Sun god. According to some old legends, the Bastet goddess was the personification of the soul of Isis.

In different cities/nomes Bastet's mythology changes, such as we find in Thebes (Luxor) where Bastet was identified with the goddess Mutt. In Dendera she was seen as the female counter part of Tem (In this city she was known under the name of Tem-t).

As the daughter of Ra she became the 'eye of Ra' but she was also connected to the Moon, where she was referred to as the 'eye of the Moon'. 

She would protect her father in his soul journey, and therefore Bastet were the protector of all who passed. 

She would fight the great enemy Apophis, a hideous snake that was on the soul's journey. She is said to be as fears as Sekhmet. 

Later on this cat goddess would become a symbol of motherhood, and a protective motherly nature.
In ancient Greece Bastet would be the parallel of the goddess Artemis.

The reincarnation of the goddess had special marks, a curtain look, so did the reincarnation of the cat goddess Bastet. When they found the cat with those special markings, they would take it to a special temple, the temple of Neith at Sais.

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  5. Here's a little poem about another goddess:
    Mother Nuit, holy Nuit
    Lovely Lady in the sky
    Look down on us tonight
    Our protectress from high.
    Mother Nuit, holy Nuit
    All Goodness comes from you.
    Gods dance upon your shining jewels:
    You are their mother too.

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