Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Taweret Goddess, Egyptian Hippo Goddess
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Taweret Goddess, Egyptian Hippo Goddess

Taweret Goddess, Egyptian Hippo Goddess

She was one of the Great Ones, her motherly nature was touched by Nut and Mutt, the great mother goddesses. The hippopotamus goddess was seen as a 'Mother goddess' with a protective power. Yet she is portrayed with a mix of deadly animals, which create a horrific creature.
Taweret goddess from Ancient Egypt

  • Ipet
  • Reret
  • Taweret

The Hippopotamus Taweret was widely known in ancient days, again and like all other gods and goddess, it had two sides to its nature, the protective, and the destructive. 

Many things about ancient Egyptian mythology and beliefs (probably one and the same thing back then) are still being debated. Some subjects are just left alone, or only studied by the very few. But one debate is (among some) that are the goddess the same just with different names and portrayed differently? Or are there more than one goddess? 

In this post we will take a very short look at two of these ancient hippopotamus Taweret goddess.

Ipet (Apet/Opet)

She was a very ancient primal goddess. Sometimes her name is found with Mutt's and Nut's name, connecting them and their natures. She is also believed to be the Star Draconis, which connects her to the afterlife - the soul's journey.


means 'sow' she was also known as Reret-weret, which means the Great Sow. She is in this form a representation of the constellation called 'Isis' and this constellation seem to be our day Draco

In ancient cultures around 2500 B.C the pole-star was known as Thuban, and this star lies inside Draco.

Taweret goddess

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