Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Book of the Dead
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By WindBlowerTM

The Book of the Dead

  • What is the Book of the Dead?
  • Was it a story or something like a testament? 

It is one of the most important spiritual works coming from ancient Egypt, dating back over 2000 years. 
Yet it cannot be compare to the Pyramid texts, which are much older.

In the ancient Egyptian days, they would not have referred to this book as the book of the dead, it would probably have been seen as inappropriate. 

Nor would it have been seen as a book, in those days they used scrolls, which is a very long piece of paper (papyrus).

It is a collection of chapters, found on tomb walls and on papyrus. 

Actually the name "The Book of the Dead" is a misleading name in some sense, for it is more about life, than the death of a person. 

The papyrus scrolls found in tombs and elsewhere, tend to have the Judgment scene as we now know so well, and the negative confession of the deceased. 

The papyrus scrolls which I have seen, I actually would call some sort of book of the dead (as Egyptologist have chosen to call it), because it shows scenes such as the funeral procession, and the burial rituals. 

You see the things brought inside the tomb and the mourners as they come walking behind the coffin (sarcophagus) crying their hearts out and making a noise in despair.

It is probably the first known guide book to be published on paper/papyrus.

Each section of text is usually called a spell, and are from many different places. Oddly enough, there haven't been found a scroll or wall which contains all the spells in one place (at least not to my knowledge), they seem to be scattered around. 

They also seem to be copies of some older texts, which haven't been found either.

In more modern times it has been depth 'book/spells of coming (or going) forth by day', which is exactly what it is. The book guides the soul/spirit in coming forth and going through the hard passage of 'death' which will transform the spirit/soul and make it free of its earthly bonds. 

Some thought that they would reincarnate into a new world which was like the world they just left, others believed that their soul/spirit would travel up among the stars.

So it is not just a story and it is not just a testament, but an actually guide book for the body and the soul of the deceased.

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