Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Full Moon in ancient Egypt
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By WindBlowerTM

Full Moon in ancient Egypt

Full Moon in ancient Egypt

Behold the Eye of the Night, as one eye is closed another opens its heavenly light and gives light among the darkness.

She is the companion of his majesty the Sun, they are the true Romeo and Juliet, never being able to reach each other, the divine power has ruled it so. Like a ghostly figure she is forever doomed to be an earthly slave, the second place in our galaxy.
Full Moon in ancient Egypt by Karima
The picture above is said to be, The Udjat or Full Moon containing its 14 days.
In the Book 'From Fetish to God in ancient Egypt' by E.A. Wallis Budge.
Besides a sketch of the above picture, this was written:

"I am washed. I am washed. I am washed. I am washed. My purity(?) is the purity of the great BENU which is in Hensu. For I am that Nose of the Lord of the Winds (Thoth), who maketh all mankind to live, on the day of the filling of the UDJAT (Full Moon) in Annu in the second month of the season of PERT, the last day [In the presence of the Lord of this land]. I have seen the fullness of the UDJAT (Full Moon) in Annu. Evil shall not happen to me in this land, in the Hall of MATTI, because I know the Names of these gods who are therein [who are the followers of the Great God]. "

I located This engraving upon a temple ceiling, I almost broke my back trying to hold the camera still in a bent backwards position. I could not see all the details in the picture, only when I got home and saw the picture in full. When I got to look at the picture at home I noticed something. 

In the Eye-ball itself, it looks as if there is a small body of some sort, most probably a young boy with his finger in his mouth (A very famous scene of ancient days). I have made some close ups of the eye itself, as you can see. Actually it also looks as if a goat like creature is coming riding into the picture, from the below corner where the Anubis creatures stand.

On the engraving is a big ball with an Eye and 14 small bodies in it, are placed on a boat. In the boat some of the Gods and Goddess are seen, the preserved side is where you see the rudders, it Looks like either Ra or Ra-Herakhty (in his Falcon headed form) standing in front of the ball (probably representing the Full Moon itself).

You should see the above engraving like this:
The Moon traveling over the dark blue celestial water abyss, protected by Gods and Goddess, who will fight the battle to return yet another day. Like keeping time a float.


  1. Hi Karima

    It's a nice article, and an interesting picture you have found.
    I was looking closer at the picture, and a thought struck me that this child inside the eye is equal to the child being created in the mothers womb. And Khnemu might have a connection with this, as I think it is he who is present in the right lower cornor of the picture.
    I see the full moon here as the suns creating power, reflecting its rays in the mothers womb (the moon).
    I am not an egyptologist, but it is only what my intuition says.
    Btw its a great site you got ;)

    With greetings
    from The Hermit.)

  2. thanks very much this is a good post.

  3. Dear Hermit,

    Nice to see you around these parts :)
    I am happy to hear that you liked the article. The idea about Khneum is valid, I am personally not sure if it is Khneum that is portrayed in the corner, but it could be. Your intuition is a good thing to follow, the place where the heart speaks.
    And thank you so much :)

  4. Dear Sunny,
    And I thank you right back, I am glad you liked it.

  5. Hi, thank you for your great post. I really appreciate the efforts you have put in your blog .It is interesting and helpful. Good luck with it!!!

  6. I believe this image represents the myth of the entry of Osiris into the Moon. Set cut up Osiris' body into fourteen parts, which were hot glowing bodies ejected in rapid succession that arced out and struck the near side of Moon, forming the lunar maria, of which there are fourteen. The material from the bodies remained in their craters and the dates from the lunar rocks are that of the parent planet, not the maria. They differ because each body came from deeper in the parent planet, so were at different temperatures and lost slightly different amounts of argon used for dating.
    The bodies in flight are represented by the zig-zag lines. The long version is at:

  7. Dear Hong Kong 7's

    And thank you too! I am so frilled that you like this blog, and that you think it is interesting.
    Thank you again,

  8. Dear Anonymous

    I am in the middle of reading the article which you brought to my attention in your comment, and I must say I so fare agree with Mr. John Ackerman, but I just explain it differently and in a much shorter term. In my work I have explained how 'I saw it' the two lands, I just wrote it like this:
    "It would seem as thou the ancient priests wrote in two languages, even thou you only see one set of hieroglyphics. One sentence can actually mean a lot more, than what just meets the eye".
    Actually in my book about Anubis and Duamutef, I draw a lot of attention towards their hieroglyphic system, and show how one word can mean so much more. I would say, that I use visuals to show this. I would for instance say that Sirius is both Isis/Hathor (and even more goddess') but she is also Septit the pointed star. The common people heard it as Sirius and the priest heard Septit (or at least they knew what else was said by mentioning one word)
    But I do agree with his point of view a lot of the way. I remember when I back in the days, read the word 'substance' in an ancient Egyptian text. To fully understand the word substance and noticing a planet that is hidden and naming it hereafter, is astonishing, and reveals a much greater knowledge which our modern mind can't even comprehend, or we just neglect to see it, as is. This is exactly the reason that I am so fascinated by ancient texts, I feel they reveal so much more.
    In my astrology blog I also take notice of some things, which this article also does. In some ways this author and I seem like we are speaking about much of the same things, but from different angles. He is focusing more on astronomical events and comparing them to Earth, where I use images/relief's to illustrate their great knowledge about our universe. But we do have some differences in out ideas. I do not believe that the Sahara desert was created because of the scorching heat from proto-Venus, as he describes. I see the Sahara desert as being an ancient floor, and yes life has change there a lot, everything from flood like weather to tropical climate, which makes the different animals a given. but then again, in some areas we find ancient fossils of sea animals and no fossils of land animals, which would make me suspect that the last thing that was there, was water. Before the sphinx was restored (?) people had inspected the sculpture, and found and they showed this to the public, that the sphinx had erosions, now the debate is, if it is water or desert/sand/wind erosion. I will have to leave it there.

    Thank you for your comment,
    I hope you have such a lovely week,