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The Lynx God of Ancient Egypt

A lot of people do not know to many of the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess, probably because there are so many, and only a few which professors and scholars speak about.

In E.A. Wallis Budge's book, The Gods of the Egyptians Vol II page 363,

The Lynx god of ancient Egypt was called Maftet. 

The Egyptian lynx cat played an interesting part in the Egyptian mythology. The animal is like a large cat and has a small patch of hair on the tip of each ear. 

In the pyramid texts of Unas (line 548) allusions is made to its attack upon the serpents An-ta-f and Tcheser-tep. And it was evident that the Lynx god was a friend of the deceased.

In the Theban Recension of the book of the dead, Maftet takes part with the gods, including Serquet (the Scorpion goddess) and Maat (Goddess of Justice of balance), in overthrowing the fiend Apep (chaps. xxxiv,,xxxix,,cxlix.) We can therefore assume that this cat god was a destroyer of serpents, and that the Lynx god was supposed to ward of the attacks of serpents from the dead. 

It is very evident that the creature seen killing the enemy from the darkness looked more fierce than a normal house cat. 

The Theban Recension book of the dead is actually very interesting
If I had to explain this quickly (in short) then I would say, that this book is made by the ancient Amun priests, and it is actually a opposite belief system than the Pyramid text, which is the oldest religion (the belief of the stars) where the book of the dead, was the new priests (new back then) changed the older system to fit their ego's. 

Here Osiris and Amun and Ra becomes all important, and the older gods and goddess are placed on a second shelf. 
- this was just very short. 

This book of the dead and others, rarely mentiones the ancient stellar gods and goddess (the stars/constellation). Apep is Apophis (the evil snake of darkness)" 

In E.A. Wallis Budge's book 'The Gods of the Egyptians Vol I' page 324 

"In the chapter xxxixth. the deceased says; Get thee back, Fiend, before the darts of his beams. Ra hath overthrown thy words, the gods have turned thy face backwards, the Lynx Maftet, hath torn open thy breast, the Scorpion goddess, hath cats fetters upon thee, and Maat hath sent forth thy destruction.. 

The fact that Maftet (the Lynx) was mentioned in Unas' burial text, a pharaoh (king) of the pyramid days, clearly gives a indication of how old this god was in Egyptian mythology." 

Another thing to notice, is how Maftet is aided by the Scorpion goddess and the goddess Maat. 

These ancient texts speak about a story of the Sun, how Ra the Sun, would travel across the sky. It is said that Ra would take the form of a Lynx and rip open the evil snake Apep. 

This opens up to the idea that it is not just a normal cat portrayed in the tomb, as killing Apep, but actually the Lynx. 

Since I was writing and reading about the critical endangered Iberian Lynx, I thought I recognized some things, which you might find interesting too. 

Please read this article about The Critically Endangered Iberian Lynx - Help to Save This Wildcat!

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