Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Forgotten Labyrinth of Egypt - Private Archive #0092
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By WindBlowerTM

The Forgotten Labyrinth of Egypt - Private Archive #0092

The Forgotten Labyrinth of Egypt - Private Archive #0092

If you have read my post Private Archive #0091, then this can be seen as Private Archive #0092.
In #0091 posts I told you about a journey that I took to a curtain place in the great desert land. I was looking for a specific pyramid for a very specific reason the forgotten labyrinth of Egypt. I did not disclose this in the other post, but I'll give you a peek now.

From the blog post Private Archive #0091
I am actually standing on the secret chambers of the labyrinth of Egypt

The Forgotten Labyrinth of Egypt - Private Archive #0092

I was looking for the forgotten Labyrinth of Egypt, which belonged to the pharaoh Amenemhat III. He built the greatest labyrinth besides his pyramid, but it was actually not a labyrinth at all. With all its corridors and small temples, people that came from outside Egypt saw it as the labyrinth of Egypt and named it such.

Then what was the Labyrinth of Egypt ?

It was something much more, something more divine in design. For the labyrinth of Egypt was the temple for each city in ancient Egypt, and each city (norme) was representation (of living place) of a god. This is, what is said, but I suspect it to be a dedication not only to the cities (norme's) but also to the Decans (stars). The Decans makes more sense because of the location of the structure, where as the gods and goddess belongs more among the living, on the other side of the Nile (but this is just my theory).

"The ancient Pyramid builders believed in the Starry kingdom (heavenly kingdom of the stars), maybe their pyramid was a pin-pointer for the pointed star which they spoke so much about".

The labyrinth of Egypt was counted to be 1500 chambers linked together above ground and 1500 chambers liked together with corridors of different sizes beneath the ground. The 1500 chamber above ground was for everyone, or should we say for the public. The 1500 chambers beneath the ground was off limits for everyone except priests and others with high statues.

Pretty ironically our car broke down, and I mean it really went down.
There we were stuck in the desert and I had to go to the toilet, There is only a Southpark Cartman statement to give to that "bip bip bip DaMmIT!"

Very interestingly in the middle of no where, with only piles of rocks in sight, there suddenly sits a couple of military people. As we approached they came over to us, and asked what we wanted, I told them that we wanted to see the pyramid of Amenemhat III. They were probably wondering why, because there is nothing left, as you can see on the picture above.

The pyramid still stands, but no one can enter, because of the ground water. But I was not there to enter anything, I was merely there because I wanted to observe the terrain, which reveals a lot by itself.

The military personnel kindly took me as fare into the pyramid as one could go, I could have dipped my toes in the dark scary looking water. But they followed us around, and I could not look at things like I wanted to, in total calmness, patiently, letting the sun change the colour of the sand. I felt very rushed.

The 1500 chambers of the labyrinth of Egypt

The labyrinth of Egypt, the part above ground has been lost for ages now. It is so sad that there is so much destruction among men..

"But I am very curtain that the 1500 chambers beneath the ground in the labyrinth of Egypt, still stands, and if I am not mistaken then no one has ever found a way into them, but I am curtain that the way is there. It's locked in the ancient manner, thereby making it invisible for modern man".


  1. I like this mystery in your post... But where is the place? I am so curious now!!! :P

  2. Dear Simona,

    Thank you for your comment.
    At the begining of this post I posted a link to a post called "Private archive #0091" at In that post I give the name and location.

    May you have such a lovely day.

  3. I used to be very pleased to search out this web-site.I wanted to thanks in your time for this excellent learn!! I definitely enjoying each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  4. "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors.

  5. Temples sometimes had special structures built to encourage healing or helpful dreams. This was supposedly especially helpful for infertility problems.

  6. Thank you for all of your comments.

    To the last comment, I have never read that. And personally I cannot agree.
    I would visit the temple of Bastet or the temple of Philae and Kom-Ombo for infertility problems.

    But again, we all see things differently.

    Thank you all


  7. Uhh I forgot:
    Yes off course there is a special structure to each temple. But I just do not think that only infertility problems, is 'the center' (essens) of these ancient temple.

  8. Such was the labyrinth; but an even greater marvel is what is called Lake Moeris, beside which the labyrinth was built. The circuit of this lake is a distance of about 420 miles, which is equal to the whole seaboard of Egypt. What an amazing and mysterious place, right?

  9. Have you ever consulted Dr. Zahi Hawas regarding secret labyrinths of Egypt? I'd like it if you guys go for some exploration in the area.