Secrets of Ancient Egypt: An Unforgettable Night for a Guide - Private Story
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By WindBlowerTM

An Unforgettable Night for a Guide - Private Story

As you probably already know, I worked as a guide touring between Luxor and Aswan. 

I think I had been working in Egypt for like two weeks when suddenly something strange happened. It would be an experience that I will never forget, and it still blows my mind to think about.

You might not believe my words, but there were witnesses and believe me, I could not make this up. But the last part is up to you, I just know what I live.

A Guide Experince by Karima

I do hope that its alright to tell this story, Its been years, and there should be no contract breach of this story (or I hope).

So one night after me and my teacher had dinner with our guests, I returned to my room at the lower deck, I needed to prepare for the next day. So there I was tugged up in the bed with around 5 books around me, when suddenly my teacher came storming through the cabin door. With a panic like look she said "Karima we have got an emergency, and you have to jump ship!"

I looked at her and said "Say what?" She went on saying "Here is what has happened, one of our other guides has just left their guests'. The boat signed them in and diverted their attention, so that they did not know the guide hadn't turned up as their boat set sail. The guide is not picking up their phone and we can't find the person. Now Karima, you have to go from this ship to another ship and take care of the guests until we fix the situation."
I remember just being blank as she spoke and thinking "What?..."
She continued "You have to pack some things because you will be traveling with them for a couple of days. Now the problem lies in as you very well know, that we are sailing right now, and there is no docking until after tomorrow. We have talked to the captain of the ship and he will sail into Esna's shores and so will the other ship, then you have to climb down from this ship and climb up the other ship".

Still in a small state of chock I packed a bag and went with her. We walked all the way through the ship and through the engine room until we reached the end, where people were preparing for what was to come next.

I just have to make a quick input here, been in Egypt less than two weeks, then suddenly I have to climb a ship. I thought it could not be that hard, because the ship did not look that high when it was docking... But sadly I was very mistaken.. It is quite sad that I didn't have a camera with me, but as a guide you really don't have time to stop up and take pictures.

I looked at my guide teacher, and she was now laughing, because the situation was so ridicules. I panicky laughed a little bit too, but what I was seeing was not what I had expected.

First off, these ships are like two floors high, when they just sail up into the sand shore. No matter the situation, it was a remarkable view and something that I will never forget. But it felt film like, you know where you're asking yourself, is this really happening, am I really seeing what I am seeing?
I saw two giant boats ram up on the Nile river shore at Esna, and there was a long way down to the sandy beach. I remember the sky was clear of clouds and I could see the stars and the moon, it was a unique experience indeed.

Well I threw my shoos as hard as I could overboard, then I saw a very small plank being dragged overboard. I looked at my teacher and said "Is that how I'll be getting down from here?" She was laughing very hard, and said "Yes, there is no other way to do this". Now I cannot describe it completely, but there I stood in a white dress and sandals overboard. I was scared, but the adrenalin had completely pumped my body full of its energetic power, so I was ready to go.

One of the ship workers easily took my bag on his shoulder and ran down like it was nothing, I was amazed at how easily he did it. I on the other hand did not do is so easily. I grabbed hold of the ship railing and placed my feet steadily on the plank and began moving down. Pretty interestingly it was not as hard as I had imagined, but the plank did wobble a lot.

On the sand shore I picked up my sandals and looked up at the ship that I had just climbed drown from, and then over to the other.

I did make it, and in a rather good manner, none of the gusts suspected anything and I was not allowed to say.

I have to stop it here, sorry for the long post, but I just thought I share something from my private life experience baggage.

I should probably have called this post something like walk the plank in a downwards motion..