Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Emerald Tablets
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Emerald Tablets

Toth The God of Wisdom


The  Emerald Tablets are also referred to as the Secret of Hermes or as Smaragdine Table. These tablets, are based on a very ancient legend, and it belong to the Egyptian god Thoth.

The Emerald Tablets are actually a short section of a bigger manuscript (documentation).

(Hermes; is the Greek parellel to the Egyptian God Thoth). 

  • The History behind the Emerald Tablets?
  • Does this document really belong to the Great Hermes?
  • The Emerald Tablets 
  • Emerald Tablet Translation

         When the Greeks conquered Egypt, they did not destroy, but they did change a lot, 
         much of which, we still use today. But they did not conquer all the ancient wisdom, 
         which we see in what the Greeks later created and failed to preserve.

       The History behind the Emerald Tablets?

         In the days of the Greek empire, the ancient legends of the Egyptian gods and goddess 
         had long been forgotten, and as Socrates said; for each generation much is lost..

There a two parallel sides to this story if you ask me, one of which is based on Greek ideas, and the other was  the true ancient Egyptian version, the first 
(before the Greeks). But this belongs to another post.

         The first known documentation behind this text, is known as the Kitab Sirr al-Asrar 
         (Secretum Secretorum), a document of advice for Arabic rulers. It was said that 
         it was a letter from Aristotle to Alexander the Great, but this is not proven.

         The Secretum Secretorum (arabic: Kitab Sirr al-Asrar) was a treatise known 
         as Secret of Secrets, or the book of the secret of secrets.

         It was an important Latin translation of an Arabic document dating to the 
         century (but it is proven to be older around 500 AD), the document contained 
         sacred knowledge about many different subjects such as Astronomy, Astrology, 
         Alchemy, Magic, medicine as well as topics on Ethics and much more.

       Does this document really belong to the Great Hermes?

         Personally I would say no. To establish this, one must know more about Hermes 
         as a real person, distinguish fact from fiction. 
         Another point I would draw attention to, would be the fact that Hermes seems to 
         descend from the Egyptian god Thoth. The Greeks took many of the Egyptians god 
         and goddess, but they changed their names and attributes, as you can read 
         a little more about in the post Ancient Egyptian Astronomy

       The Emerald Tablets?

       Is an ancient scientific statement but told through poetic symbolism.

         I do question if Aristotle wrote it, merely because of its use of poetic lines as well 
         as codes. I think Aristotle might have been more blunt, directly to the point in some 
         logical manner?

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Document from around 500 AD.

Emerald Tablet Translation

         Beneath you will find two files that you can download the Emerald Tablet Translation, 
         each of them contains the same file, merely being in different file formats. 

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         This blog-post will continue into another post, because it is linked to a 
         much older story, which goes more than 3000 years back in time...

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