Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Mysterious Sarcophagus of Sekhemkhet 2649 B.C. - 2643 B.C.
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By WindBlowerTM

Mysterious Sarcophagus of Sekhemkhet 2649 B.C. - 2643 B.C.

Mysterious Sarcophagus of Sekhemkhet

No inscriptions can be found on the so-called sarcophagus.

It is cut from one single Alabaster block.

The opening is at the end, instead of the top, being a sliding slab.

When they discovered this mysterious sarcophagus, it was tightly sealed.

When they finally got the sliding slap up, the sarcophagus was empty....?

Another puzzling thing from ancient Egypt, has to be the mysterious empty sarcophagus found in Egypt (coffin) of the Pyramid builder Sekhemkhet who ruled from 2649 B.C. to 2543 B.C., more than 3000 years ago.

Sekhemkhet is not really mentioned that much, I do wonder why?... If anything he should be known for, how he wanted his sarcophagus (coffin) to look, there is none like it, not even in the ancient world.

Not only is it completely unique, I personally think it also reveals a knowledge which I find rather peculiar.

Mysterious Sarcophagus of Sekhemkhet 2649 B.C. - 2643 B.C.

The pyramid known as "the buried pyramid" is said to belong to Sekhemkhet, it was abandon shortly after it was begun. It is suspected that it was because of Sekhemhet's short ruler ship of only around 6 years.

If it had been finished it would have been larger than Djosers pyramid, reaching 70 meters into the sky. But sadly his ruler ship was too short to complete this masterpiece.

In another part of the buried pyramid complex, they found a mummified child, but no one else, No pharaoh. They suspect the body of the pharaoh was moved...

A rather odd thought, considering they also suspect that the  child was Sekhemkhet's son. I have never head of a pharaoh or the pharaohs family merely leaving a child behind, like it was nothing...

I personally think there is a lot that can be studied, so I am recapping a lot in this post.

The ancient Pyramid builders are the most unknown pharaohs of their time. Creating massive pyramids, which some refer to as tombs (?)... And suddenly the last Pyramid builder had left earths bondage to join the souls journey among the stars, taking a supreme knowledge with him.