Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Empty Sarcophagus - The Pyramid builders
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By WindBlowerTM

Empty Sarcophagus - The Pyramid builders

The Empty Sarcophagus of Ancient Egypt

I have been wanting to write about the Empty Sarcophagus for years, I am unsure of why I wait as I tend to do. Maybe because it is still not accepted or even talked about, like so much.. 

So this is a blog article about the 
ancient Pyramid builders,
and something which has nagged 

For years...

First off you need to know this about me, I prefer the Pyramid builders idea's, and even their spiritual concepts. I am not really keen on the priest period, coming in later Egypt, they seem to much like politicians in  today's world...

But the most ancient pharaohs of Egypt, saw something very different than the priest that took over later down the line.

They believed in the soul, and traveling among the stars, whereas the priest invented a new path, where people would live again, through the Resurrection of Osiris... 
Remind you of anything (?)

 This is not about the Pyramid builders themselves, but rather what today's archaeologists refer to as their sarcophagus'(coffins).

Where are the Pyramid Builder's ?

The biggest thing that has always nagged at me, was the fact that no body has ever been found inside those sarcophagus...(?)

I have never head of a Pyramid builder's body found, there are some (very few) bones that have been found, but in many cases they date from either further back (?) or later.. 

Are Archaeologists Sure that they are Coffins ?

Another thing I noticed and again it presented more questions in my mind than any answers.. The fact that almost all of them seem to lack a top part, the part that would seal the (coffin)?

And then in another case you have a odd looking Coffin? The Mysterious Sarcophagus of Sekhemkhet  completely sealed, but then its found empty..?

All of the sarcophagus' are made of one single block of material, either alabaster, granite or something else. clearly indicating the importance of it, being of the same material. There seems to be a pattern or some sort of standard to how it should have looked.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact, that the coffins could not have been dragged in after the building was constructed, because the passage ways are too narrow. 

It is therefore concluded that the sarcophagus' were placed inside before the construction was completed. most likely when the construction reached the levels of where they were going to be placed...

Should this then mean, that they dragged in the kings body after? Since pyramids where build while the king lived (or so is the thought).. hardly a royal way of burial..

nahh.. to me, to many things, does not make sense, if it is a tomb...

I have a little something to share with you, Pictures of some Sarcophagus' from the Pyramid builder's and something else...

Empty Sarcophagus
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