Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Crypt Underneath Dendera Temple
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Crypt Underneath Dendera Temple

Beneath the sand, among the walls, under 
the temple floor you'll find secret crypts.
In Abydos, in Karnak, in Kom-Ombo 
and everywhere else, many have stood
 untouched by any man, even till this very day.

The video clip below, is one of such chambers, that is now open to the public. You are walking with me on my first time there, seeing some of what I saw...

Before you watch it, I would like to give some pointers, so that you have an idea of what your watching.

For me it seemed like a mixed chamber, very cryptic.. In the clip you are taking down one corridor, which lies underneath Dendera temple, and you have to crawl to get into the small chamber, still not easy in a dress *lol

The walls are absolutely beautiful, a rounded 3D effect, that makes them look smooth. 

Dendera temple

is an ancient Egyptian temple, that have been rebuild by the ancient Greeks, or should we say, they changed it to fit their nature.

So what you are really looking at, is the Greeks version of the ancient Egyptian story and perception. For me it seems very obvious that the Greeks got some things wrong, or their minds were on the wrong track to capture the ancient Egyptian perception.

This temple is specifically about the stars, revealing both the ancient Egyptian ideas, as well as the later Greeks version. 


The crypt underneath the temple 

is an intriguing part to the temple, especially considering the relief's. When I look at the relief's alone, in the crypt, it's easy for me to see, that it is a kind of birth chamber. Normally the ancient Egyptian would build a birth house on ground level, as they also did at Dendera temple.

But the crypt is in one end filled with the traditional birth scenes of the gods, yet in the other end everything becomes so puzzling...

As you will see in this video!

Video clip

At the top of this article you were able to see a picture of one of the scenes in the video. At first glance it might seem like an odd image, and there are some different views on it. 

The standard answer people give, is that it is a necklace, which was used in ritual ceremonies. Others will simply say, that it is not determined yet. 

 Now here is what I see..
For me it is a mythological story wrapped inside an image. Making it resemble a necklace is both appropriated, but also interestingly misleading in some sense. 

I also see the overall image as a necklace with the normal Hathor musical instrument, but as soon as I look a little closer, I see much more... 

You are looking at a very cleaver illustration of the cosmos or should I say a connection to the cosmos... You have the 4 pillars (drawn in light with a glow) at one side you see the Moon sailing across in his boat (drawn in light blue). 

The 4 pillars in this case, are the Hathor instruments, which my eyes seem to divided into smaller sections. The pillar itself, with the head upon it, could be seen as a part by itself. The face itself regularly means 'her' in ancient Egypt, and it belongs to the ancient mythology of the cosmos.  

The part above these her-pillars could be seen as gates, or a chamber of some sort... Where something is being poured into them...

When is Denderah Temple open?
Where is the temple located?
Opening hours:
I would always recommend looking at six in the early evening, as the closing time. The opening hours fit the seasonal weather pretty good, meaning, when dark approaches, so does the gates close.

Location: Near modern Qena