Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Pyramids by Night
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Pyramids by Night

The Giza plateau is a magical place to walk, and the mysteries of this place are not few. Most visitors see the Great pyramids at day time, and tend to miss the other side of these magnificent structures.

When the sun sets and the star covered darkness arrives, the lights are lithe by the great pyramids. 

Orion stands in the background as a guardian of the holy night, Sirius she watches on beside him. 

"Behold…," A deep beautiful Oxford voice declares from behind the ancient rocks. Suddenly the Sphinx turns from Beautiful light yellow to a deep reddish color, as the voice speaks in the name of this fascinating sculpture of rocks, 
"They gave me the name of Sphinx…." Laser lights shoot its way around the Pyramids, giving away their locations in the dark of night.

EGYPT: Clip Nr.01 - Part One

See two short video clips, from Karima’s private archive. 
Turn of the lights around you, and turn up for the volume, for a more satisfying experience. 
Then push play and lean back. 

EGYPT: Clip Nr.02 - Part Two


  The Light and sound show is brought to you by 

Information about the Sound and Light-Show: 

The Light and Sound Show starts at; 
6.30 pm October-April (winter) 
 8.30 pm May-September (summer). 

If you are staying in a Hotel, then there should be a information office for the guides from the different companies. There should be some information about the light shows in Egypt, but as I remembered this information always seemed to be lacking. 

But if you ask at your Hotel reception for the guide's hours, they gladly help. 

Then use the Guides office time, and ask them for details about the evenings Sound and Light Show. 

You should also be able to make a excursion (trip) through them, this means that the guides takes care of everything for you, and all you need to do is follow the instructions, which should be given very clearly (and never be afraid to ask any questions, even twice). 
It is both easy and cheaper to do it yourself, because you off course need to pay the guide for their extra work. 

 If you would like to go alone, then I would recommend walking if your Hotel is in a okay distance from the Pyramids. 

But if you live a much longer distance from the Pyramids, then a cab is both cheap and easy. 

To have absolutely no problems under your way, then I would recommend you do one thing before you leave your Hotel (actually two in One); When your in the reception, then ask them to write the Arabic name for the light and sound show at the Pyramids or at the Giza plateau, on a small piece of paper. 

This will firstly give your presence to the Hotel personal if you should get lost, then they'll know. If you kindly tell your cap driver that you going to the area of the Pyramids, in English, then hand him the piece of paper with the Arabic name, and off you go.

You can make some good deals with your cap driver, for a return trip too, or you can take another - up to you.

Finding the office to buy your ticket for the show, might seem a little bit confusing, because everything is new to one. 

So I recommend that you ask the cap driver to drive to the ticket office by the pyramids, but asking people will also help you right of the back, they are truly a very helpful people, and are never really appreciated for their kindness.

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