Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Temple of a Million Years - Abydos Temple
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By WindBlowerTM

The Temple of a Million Years - Abydos Temple

The title Temple of a Million Years, Where Death Dwells might sound like something with an ominous outcome. But let me assure you, that is fare from the reality of the title.

Seti I temple at Abydos is a true gateway to time itself, laid out in our reality as a building.

The Temple of a Million Years.
ISBN: 87-991527-6-2
Finally available online, Let me be the first to give you a peek into my new eBook 

The Temple of a Million Years, Where Death Dwells.

I find myself writing in a two folded way, on one hand, this can be seen as a guide book when You are actually at the temple. 

On the other hand, the book can also be read from home, bringing the temple alive right there with you, through the beautiful pictures.

In the fare South where the hot desert sand meets the Tropical climate boarder, You would never notice Seti I temple, designed to be camouflaged by the desert itself.

If You stand from afar, it hardly looks as spectacular as it really is. It looks very small, yet it is very big. I would suspect that this temple would easily have been covered in sand, at some point in our history.

See the Perfect Harmony of Numbers embedded into the construction itself. They took Numerology to a whole New Level.   
The Goddess Maat who stands firmly behind the scales, as a heart is weighed against sins and harmony within, she was the Essence of Harmony and balance itself. She was a Mother Goddess.

From her harmony the rotation of our earth was placed into a balance of night and day, water and earth, and air and fire. Her first born children embraces us each and every day in the form of nature itself.

This perfect harmony was so well practiced back then, that they actually understood how to transform it into reality. Creating a building that portrays the very essences of not only harmony but also nature itself.

The Nine Rooms Reveal the Seven Chapels, and they are all held together by the forces of Time. 

But they also went a step further, they were so attuned with this knowledge, that they were able to align it with the stars and constellations.. without computer calculations.

Not only did they align them with the stars, Abydos temple stands as a proof of a much more advanced knowledge, where they also calculated numbers into the building itself.

Besides the beautiful Temple of Seti I and beneath ground level, You find the Tomb of Osiris.

Some might say, that the kingdom of Ancient Egypt belongs to the fare forgotten past...

So here is a Secret Revealed for You, 
In ancient Egypt a Bank was referred to as the White House.... Interesting right... notice the dollar bill...

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