Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Explore The Enchanting Mysteries Of Egypt By Booking Adventurous Nile River Cruises
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Explore The Enchanting Mysteries Of Egypt By Booking Adventurous Nile River Cruises

From the modern capital Cairo to the ancient land of Dendera, the mysterious country of Egypt offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities for adventurous people. 

The legendary land of Pharaohs offers you a memorable glimpse into its rich ancient civilization.

Egypt is based on a flat, rough and sandy terrain. The country is mostly a desert landscape but most people are fouled by the sand, Egypt is actually over 88% rocks, so it is a rock desert. 

The more sand based deserts lies more towards and below Morocco which houses the famous Sahara Desert and Libyan Desert. But most of it is covered by barren rock (sandstone) deserts though Egypt.

Luckily they have the Nile, that provides the right vegetation for growth. This is also the reason why ancient Egyptian saw the Nile as something much more spiritual. For them it was a gift from the universe, and the universe mirrored it with the milky way.

If you want to experience the enchanting aura in the Valley of the Kings or witness the gigantic pyramids, a luxurious cruise on the Nile River will make your dreams come true. So, take a break from your monotonous daily routine and travel to Egypt with your family.

About Nile River

One day I took a felucca out on the Nile, the young sailor said: "It is said that if a person touches the water of the Nile, they will instantly fall in love with Egypt" I smiled and tipped over the side and dipped my arms into the river, and splashed the water over myself. We both smiled.

The Nile is recognized as the longest river in the world. It originates in the East African mountains and meanders over 4,000 miles of land before it drains into the Mediterranean Sea. 

It has 3 major tributaries 
Blue Nile, 
White Nile and 
Atbarah River. 

Blue Nile may be longer but the White Nile is known for its boon of prosperity. Ancient Egyptians depended on the fertile silt-laid waters of the White Nile for irrigation. It was a blessing in disguise for thirsty natives and their farmlands.

My brother took this picture, as we were docking by Kom-Ombo Temple (Where I use to guide)

River Nile Cruises

Seeing the immense potential of Nile River, the government has introduced several development projects to harness it. Presently, the river contributes a major share to the booming tourism industry. Various local agencies offer cruise packages for couples and families.

These tourism packages include one-day, 3-days, weekly and 10 to 15 days cruises on Nile River, from the port of Cairo to other remote destinations. These trips start on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday and include high-end amenities like free photography, fine dining (3 meals a day), camel back riding, cultural activities, themed events, music, dance, spa and Jacuzzis. The tourists are escorted by an English speaking guide who directs them throughout the trip.

A standard Egypt cruise package starts at $100 to $10,000 per person, depending on the number of destinations visited and facilities included. What’s more? These lavish cruise lines are furnished with contemporary facilities like gym, private docking areas, libraries, museums, ball rooms and medical services.

Aswan Dam

The dam was initially constructed to divert flood waters from Nile to nearby ponds and Lake Nasser. Water is stored during monsoons and released when the droughts strikes local farmlands. Additionally, the dam produces hydroelectricity for the natives.

Pyramids of Giza

The great pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They were built by Pharaoh Khufu approximately 4,500 years back. Today, they serve as burial chambers for the deceased members of the royal families.

Temples of Karnak

This Luxor based structure is the largest man made temple dedicated to the hidden god Amun. But it is hardly the only temple at Karnak. It took 1,300 years to finish.

Horus Temple at Edfu

Edfu is the ancient capital of Upper Egypt. It was constructed between 300 to 30 BC and serves as the home to Horus Temple.

Other than these sites, vacationers can check out the Egyptian Museum, Memphis and Temple of Hatshepsut

Take a peek into Egyptian rural life as you pass fields, tombs and mud houses on your way. 

Take some time and shop for delicate ornaments, tinkles and fine silk in the local bazaars or savor scrumptious, exotic cuisine at famous eateries.