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The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce

The Wishing Cup
Found in Tutankhamons tomb

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I found a circular ancient stone at Dendera temple, which I knew was not from the ptolemy area. So I took a picture of it and went back home and studied it. And Low and behold I was right, it was a much more ancient stone, Just Take a Look at what I found

You have seen the Sphinx with a man's head, right? But have you ever seen the ANUBIS Sphinx

Many people do not know that much in ancient Egypt actually has to do with the stars and constellations. The three points that make up the winter triangle are, The famous Sirius, and the star Betelgeuse, and last but not least the star Procyon. 

    In ancient Egypt there was a Goddess known for her three sided personality, where one was known as Ipet, she was believed to be the Star Draconis. 

By Karima Lachtane
Created by Karima Lachtane