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Books by Karima Lachtane By , August 7, 2013

Image by Karima

The Temple of a Million Years,
Where Death Dwells

Right Now this e-Book is only available through libraries.

This is a specialized 2. version of my guide book Temple of a million years. 

I went back to Abydos to take some amazing high resolution pictures for this 2. version eBook. 

It is not like any guide book that you have ever read, and yet it does not take anything away from any other guide book on the market, 
but it does give you a new path to see.

Because of my education in the field of building construction, I always look at the construction itself, and it was always very clear to me, that even the construction itself, were based on spiritual aspect to their belief.

I am very fascinated by the Decans, which were the ancient Egyptians name for the stars, or certain stars, yet another debatable topic ;)

Created by Karima