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This Blog "Secrets of Ancient Egypt" was started 19. September 2008 under the name "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt"

Behold, the Secrets of Ancient Egypt, the land that the universe created when the cosmos made the Nile. As the Queen of the constellations raised herself above the two horizons and declared her name as Sirius, so did the jubilation of life occur, meanwhile her husband the Egyptian constellation of Orion stands guard by her.

The articles that you find here, investigates all the mysteries that lies hidden in the ancient desert sand, specifically their spiritual nature which began among the stars.

While I worked in Egypt I quickly saw something more than the guides would talk about.
Like I would say to my guests before entering a temple, "I can give you the regular guide story, which last 40 min, and then you can walk around by yourself? Or..."

"I can give you everything I've got, meaning I will tell you the details, and anything you point to, I will explain. I will use up all of your time, and still have a lot to say. the choice is yours".
- Guess which one they picked, always :)

You could say that this blog is based on that concept, of giving you everything I've got, on what ever topic from this ancient land.

Mysterious objects, that either moves or sings, are studied in more detail. I can guarantee you a journey which you haven't seen before, from below the ground to up among the stars.

The Pyramid builders that left empty sarcophagus and a knowledge which no one have been able to imitate since...
A peculiar and mysterious thing, is also the fact that what we have from the Pyramid Builders are in stone not papyrus manuscripts. Their spiritual belief was written into the stones.

The mysteries of Edgar Cayce are also looked into, as well as the case of the Emerald tablets.

Furthermore you have a unique opportunity to read more about individual stars and constellations of ancient Egypt, known under the name of the Decans.

This blog goes extensively into different subjects from this holy land, and takes you on a real as well as truthful journey into the magical land of the great ancient Egyptians.

The Emerald tablets articles can be found under the label Hermes Trismegitus, there are more than one article about each subject, and it is for that reason that they are arranged into label categories.

You can also use the list below, turning the pages to see illustrating images of each article.
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By WindBlowerTM

Egyptology, what is it?



Egyptology, and what is it?

Her enchanting words filled the room with a perfume like mist, as if it carried her words, softly drifting towards your ears.. with a soft voice she said;

Egyptology and what it is
Egyptology can be magical.
Human model was borrowed from deviantart Artist Marcus J. Ranum
ár pestex-nek ' en-k textex-á en er ápt-f unen Áuset pu her'
seta ám-s áhá en sán-nes '
seni-s ám ár uat'i nebt ámmu maat Rá pu. 

Translation of the above

Now thou spreadest thy hair, I scatter it upon his forehead, Isis it is who hideth in it;
 she hath drawn her hair there. Now Uatchit the lady of flames, the eye of Ra is.

This post Contains 

  • So what is Egyptology?
  • Oldest Egyptologist
  • Famous Egyptologists

So what is Egyptology?

Egyptology is taken from the Greek word egyptologia, and it is the study of ancient Egyptian language, literature, history, religion and other subjects from the land of ancient Egypt.

Without people being somewhat naturally drawn to Egypt and the cultures past history, there would have been no such word as Egyptology.

The above text would never have been read..

First recognized as an academic discipline in 1880 because a Flinders Petrie and Samuel Birch as well as Emmanuel de Rougé and Heinrich Brugsch, began to meticulous documenting what was found at each excavation site.

Today Egyptology is a firm part of many universities, and people can take degrees under this subject. The word Egyptology is a over all description, but it can be much more specified.

Starting at the most obvious point, namely by the Pyramids and then moving south towards Luxor to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, they clearly determined that there was a timeline to follow.

According to the University of California, Los Angeles the standard text used for studying Egyptology was the book Lexicon der Ágyptologie, the first volume was published in 1975.

Oldest Egyptologist

What is worth taking into account, is the life of vizier Khaemwese Ramesses II son. He is now considered the first recorded Egyptologist as well as many other things.

He is clearly recognized as both seeking ancient artifacts and restoring ancient monuments. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that Greeks have always gone to Egypt (after the conquest of Alexandra the great), and their graffiti can still be seen in the ancient tombs.

I would suspect that ancient Egypt have always captivated the mind and hearts of people, since the time of their greatness. 

Meaning, that it is only the word that is new, and not the study of ancient civilizations.

Famous Egyptologists

Zahi Hawass

He is the former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, and works at a lot of archaeological sites, different places in Egypt. He is very well known for his television series, which ran in the United States, the program was called Chasing  Mummies.
Most likely if you have an interest in Ancient Egyptian culture, then you have hear of Zahi Hawass :)
A very controversial person.

Kent R. Weeks

Mr. Kent R. Weeks is a remarkable Egyptologist and archaeologist as well as being the genius that launched The Theban Mapping project back in 1978, I truly appreciate him for that. 
One of his great achievements was to find the tomb of Ramesses II many son's.

List of Famous Egyptologists


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Did you know that it is possible to start an Egyptology education through the Internet? Off course I strongly recommend that you also take some IRL classes and talk to Egyptologists, because they hold the keys.

Be sure to do your research before you consider a school.

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