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This Blog "Secrets of Ancient Egypt" was started 19. September 2008 under the name "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt"

Behold, the Secrets of Ancient Egypt, the land that the universe created when the cosmos made the Nile. As the Queen of the constellations raised herself above the two horizons and declared her name as Sirius, so did the jubilation of life occur, meanwhile her husband the Egyptian constellation of Orion stands guard by her.

The articles that you find here, investigates all the mysteries that lies hidden in the ancient desert sand, specifically their spiritual nature which began among the stars.

While I worked in Egypt I quickly saw something more than the guides would talk about.
Like I would say to my guests before entering a temple, "I can give you the regular guide story, which last 40 min, and then you can walk around by yourself? Or..."

"I can give you everything I've got, meaning I will tell you the details, and anything you point to, I will explain. I will use up all of your time, and still have a lot to say. the choice is yours".
- Guess which one they picked, always :)

You could say that this blog is based on that concept, of giving you everything I've got, on what ever topic from this ancient land.

Mysterious objects, that either moves or sings, are studied in more detail. I can guarantee you a journey which you haven't seen before, from below the ground to up among the stars.

The Pyramid builders that left empty sarcophagus and a knowledge which no one have been able to imitate since...
A peculiar and mysterious thing, is also the fact that what we have from the Pyramid Builders are in stone not papyrus manuscripts. Their spiritual belief was written into the stones.

The mysteries of Edgar Cayce are also looked into, as well as the case of the Emerald tablets.

Furthermore you have a unique opportunity to read more about individual stars and constellations of ancient Egypt, known under the name of the Decans.

This blog goes extensively into different subjects from this holy land, and takes you on a real as well as truthful journey into the magical land of the great ancient Egyptians.

The Emerald tablets articles can be found under the label Hermes Trismegitus, there are more than one article about each subject, and it is for that reason that they are arranged into label categories.

You can also use the list below, turning the pages to see illustrating images of each article.
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By WindBlowerTM

Mummy Movie Fact vs Fiction


Updated 25.07.2013

  • Hamunaptra, is it Real or Fiction?
  • Did Imhotep exist?
  • Does the Anubis Army exist?
  •  Treasure Chambers?

  • The movie, the Mummy has taken a lot of people upon a journey into ancient Egypt, or did it? 

    The question is,
    Was there really an evil priest named Imhotep, and did he go against the Pharaoh (king)? These are some of the questions taken up in this short blog post.

    This movie is one of my favorites, I am not so keen on the last one, probably because it isn't in Egypt. But it is a good movie just like the first one.

    The Mummy was directed by Stephen Sommers, he also directed the movie Catch me if you can with Leonardo DiCaprio, another good one.

    I really think that the movie is one of the best ones about ancient Egypt. I must admit I had hoped for more, in the same adventures style, but with other aspect of the ancient Egyptians. There are so many to pick from.

    But if you haven't seen it, then 
    I truly recommend it!

    Hamunaptra, Real or Fiction

    Actually in the movie Hamunaptra was said to symbolize the "city of the Dead," but the ancient Egyptian 'city of the Dead' is mostly referred to as the 'Valley of the kings and Queens.' 

    But this part of the movie is a kind of fiction, because it is said that a city in India was named Hamunaptra. 

    In the movie the city of the dead, could not be seen, only on specific times. There could be some truth to this, because desert sand and its environment is able to fool the eyes, and building in the colors that they did, this could be possible or seem like it. 

    The Valley of the Kings and Queens, was hidden, but since it has always had some tombs opened/found, it has always been known about.

    Did Imhotep Exist?

    Yes Imhotep existed, but we have to go back to the ancient Pyramid builders, before we find him. 

    Imhotep is much older than the other characters used in the movie. 

    He was not an evil priest, actually I would say the very opposite. He was a remarkable personality of ancient Egypt, and his being is swept in a mysterious scarf.

    He was a loyal and dear friend of the Pharaoh (king) Zoser.
    Read more about Imhotep

    Does the Anubis army exist?

    In the Second Mummy movie, where the Scorpion king made a deal with the god Anubis, in exchanged for the king soul, Anubis would grant endless power.
    In the real historical records, there is a hint of something a like.

    While walking in Karnak temple one day, I stumbled upon an interesting relief. A lot of Anubis characters walking in straight line, like in a march, and on the opposite side were a straight line of Horus/Ra gods.

    In ancient Egyptian mythology it was believed, that they could call his power forth, and that all the gods and goddess could aid him, in the same form as Anubis.

    The Treasure Chambers?

    Oh yes the land of ancient Egypt is filled with treasures, still to this day, why do you think some people have 'patent' on it ;)

    In my guide book A magical guide to Luxor temple its revealed where one was found, and where most of the objects from this treasure can be found.

    Most of the movies are fiction in some sense, yet it is well mixed with real people from ancient Egypt, but they are not portrayed in the correct manner.

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