Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The Decans
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

The Decans

Let’s just skip into the very depth of ancient Egyptian religion, we grab into the Lords abyss, where we reach out and grab 

‘The Decans’. - Heard of them? 

They are stars but much more than that, their complexity is more entangled than their great monuments. 

Each night you can find them, at each side of everyone, upon this earth. They are only revealed at the most holy of places, at our material death. They are guarded by many demons and other gods, that are all called ‘The Doorkeepers.’ 

Only in the Valley of the Kings, will you see them in their right light, only there in the deep desert sand, will the stars be revealed on to you. 

 The ancient Egyptians believed in the Sun, or rather the movement of the Sun and other planets such as our famous Sirius. But they recognized more planets than that. 

Actually they recognized the exact same essential planets which we so often use in our modern astrology readings. 

Some Basic about ancient Egyptians: 

They also divided the day-hours much like we still do - 24 hours a day. RA - The Sun is the Day, and there are 12 light hours of the day. SETH - The Moon is the night, and there are 12 night/dark hours of the day.
The Decans are the stars that are bound by the five(5) gods birthdays, and together they create the 365 days a year.

One week is made up by 10 days, making a year; 36 x 10 = 360 days; Then the ancient celebrated 5 Gods birthdays, by giving them a day each; which makes; 36 decans x 10 days + 5 days = 365 days a year.

The Decans could be seen as 36 weekly stars that the ancient would take notice of. The famous Sirius is the ‘Queen of the Decans’ and she marked the beginning of a new year. The planets were called ‘The stars that know no rest’ and referred to the five planets; 

Mercury – the star of Seth/or a form of Seth. 
Venus – star of the morning/ the one who crosses’ or ‘God of the morning’. 
Mars – Horus the red/ Horus of the horizon. 
Jupiter – Traveling star/ Horus who limits the two lands/ Horus star of the South. 
Saturn – Horus the bull/ Bull of the heavens. This post can also be found at ‘The history of Astrology’, because it belongs to both. 

 References: ‘The Secret of Anubis; The Winter Triangle’ ISBN 87-991527-9-7


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