Secrets of Ancient Egypt: The mystical sphere of Dr. Ray Brown
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

The mystical sphere of Dr. Ray Brown

PART #01

All through our history there have been theories about some sort of ancient and supreme knowledge, even a notion of something from the outside (from outer space). 

Could one of these supreme technologies be illustrated through Dr. Ray Brown’s mystical sphere?
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The mystical sphere of Dr. Ray Brown - Picture from Mat Toth's book
In 1970, he and some other professional divers were diving for sunken treasure from old boats, near the Bahamas islands. They were returning to this specific place, because they had found it interesting back in 1968.

What happen next seems as remarkable as the object itself, and should be told through Dr. Ray Brown’s own words;

It was not me that discovered the ancient underwater city, others we have spoken with, had noticed the ruins many years before. As soon as we arrived to the area a violent storm hit us, so we hid around one of the near by islands, until the storm had past. 

Even thou we had lost a lot of our equipments, we decided to dive as soon as the storm had passed. It was very dark in the water. As soon as we came to the area, where we had seen something back in 1968, we saw buildings, even thou it was dark, we could just see the outer lines of buildings. 

We moved the boat backwards and forwards, and everywhere we looked, there were buildings. We chose a place and dropped the Anker, and in an almost panicky mode, we jumped over board. We were five divers, and I was the last man in. 

It is a good idea to swim two and two, especially when diving in remote areas. All the time I could see a pair of swimming fins in front of me, and I struggled to keep up with them. Under one try, to catch up with them, I became too exhausted, so I stopped to rest upon a coral reef. 

I saw the golden sunlight twinkle through the murky water, and realized that the light came out of a pyramid. I just sat there starring at it, because it could simply not be there, and I wished that it did not disappear. 

The sunlight came from the backside of the pyramid, which spread the light in each direction with a glittering effect. It was as thou someone had painted this magnificent picture. 

I thought, ‘If you only had a camera!’ Then I would have been able to capture this moment in time, which was the greatest sight I had ever seen, more beautiful than any sunset which nature had let me see. A Brilliant sight! It had colors and something beautiful about it. 

 As soon as I came to myself, I realized that what I was looking at was concrete. It existed. And instead of just sitting on the coral reef watching it, I swam over there. 

Only a part of the pyramid was sticking out of the sea bottom. I could see around 90 feet of it, judging by the shape it looked like an Egyptian pyramid, and might be even bigger. 

The pyramid had a mirror blank surface. It consisted of stone, very polished stones – A remarkable skilled construction. The polished cover stones were placed so close together, that I do not think a raiser blade could fit in between them. 

We do not understand how people were able to put such beautiful stones together so closely. The stones had sloping edges, they did not fit smoothly together. 

I swam around the top of the pyramid. There were heavy waves, so it was dangerous to be near the top, which I rounded for the third time. On the way down I came across an opening. 

I had not seen this opening before, and I know that I studied the building carefully. I can not explain why the opening wasn’t there before and then suddenly it was there – I am only telling you this as how I remembered it. 

My first thought was: Where there is an opening, there must be a door. I again looked very carefully, but I could not find any. There was only the opening, and no door. 

Nothing that could be opened. Curiosity conquered me, and I swam inside the opening. I passed a hall which was right behind the opening, and then I came to a magnificent room.

The room must have been in the top part of the pyramid, when looking at the whole pyramid. The opening was placed half way down the visible part of the pyramid. 

The room was rectangular with a pyramid shape ceiling. In the ceiling’s top point hang a metallic rod/staff. The rod/staff was around 3 inches thick and looked like gold, but apparently it was a different material than gold. In the middle of the room stood some sort of platform of carved rock, above it was coated with a flat amour like plate with retractable edges. 

Two natural sizes metal hands were placed upon the plate, they were holding a crystal sphere. The rod/staff that hang from the ceiling was pointed directly at the crystal sphere. A polished sharp red stone was attached at the end of the rod/staff. There stood seven huge chairs around the platform, one of the chairs were placed a little big higher, it was placed upon its own stone platform. 

I swam up to the ceiling, and with my feet placed against the ceiling, I tried to pull the rod/staff form its place. I felt very sure that it was gold. The rod/staff would not move an inch. I realized that I needed help to collect this treasure. 

I knew that the other divers only had half of their oxygen left, and they would probably not dive again. So I decided to take something back with me, so I could show the other divers some proof of what I had seen. 

I took out my knife and tried to scratch some material of the rod/staff, but it only broke my knife blade. Even thou my knife were of the hardest material – Harden steel. And there was not a mark on the rod/staff! 

I swam back down towards the chairs and the platform, where I sat down in one of the chairs. They were comfortable to sit in with armrests. After I had rested my thoughts a little bit, I was again drawn to the crystal sphere, which had a radiant bright light coming from it. 

I looked around the room, to see if anything seemed loose which I could take back with me. Because all the time I was thinking: “Is this real? It is so beautiful, that it might be a dream vision.” I grabbed in between the hands, and the crystal sphere moved. It was loose! I took it with me. 

The hands which the crystal sphere was held by had a bronze like color, the palms of the hands were golden like the rod/staff. But they were also black, like it had been burned either by fire or another kind of high energy. 

I was a little bit scared as I removed the sphere. If it could burn the metal, what then might it do to me? I grabbed it and nothing happened. I stopped for a second, a moment of peace. 

And now there was this voice, not polite and very clear. It seemed like the voice came from the building itself, from all sides around me. Like some kind of radio wave, instructing me: “You came and have what you came for. Leave now and never return again”. 

When I came back to the surface and the boat, had every one of the divers, had some similar experience. Each had found some artifact and had brought one thing back with them. 

Some of the artifacts were peculiar looking things, one looking like a calculator with windows, but without the buttons. We never figured out how they worked, or what they might be used for. 

I have since dived in the Bermuda triangle, but never in this area, and I never wish to go back to this place.

The words of Dr. Ray Brown.


  1. I wonder how this guy felt when he found the underground city,That's not something we common people do in our lifetimes.

  2. Try to find a translation of the prophecies of Muhammad and compare its findings on the Bermuda area with that of Dr. Ray Brown.

  3. Dear The Padrino Dot Com,

    He does describe how it made him feel in his work.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I have great respect for the Qur'an and Dr. Ray Brown, but these topic are not upon my path. I don't know why, but I find any one religious mindset to little to please my appetite for the whole picture. I will leave the prophecies of Muhammad and the area that Dr. Ray Brown worked with, to the experts of these areas. Bermuda, I have actually written a theory behind this some time ago, where I conclude (off course I am probably wrong, know that this is just my theory) but that what happens in this area is actually nature itself on a much higher level of elements playing around, meanwhile our universe keeps changing, and everything is affecting everything. The North and south pole are very close to this area, and so on.
    But I am sorry, I cannot be of help, in the specific area of these three subjects.

  5. There's something so intrinsically beautiful about the aspects of life we can't explain. The modern world is so definitive that it seldom leaves room for possibilities. There's hope in possibility...I think that's what I love the most about the ancient world.

  6. Sad to say that I was not able to view the video. The experience sounded so real yet there is this magical essence to it. I'm fascinated to this kind of stories that made my mind work on it's own and imagine.

  7. hmm.. Yup the video has been removed from Youtube. I will check if I can find another one.

    Yes ones own mind will always be a greater vision than reality :)


  8. Many people might consider mystics to be misfits in the workaday world. Little do they know. Mystics enjoy many life-usable advantages over their more mundane-minded fellows.

  9. also a crystal sphere had just been unearth courtesy of the great pyramid of giza,the sphere has some kind of stored knowledge inside and from what i've heard it can turn like a pages of a book by a mere thought! sadly they made a big mistake turning it over to NASA after having there conference here in australia in 2004 or so. it was said in the old egyptian encryption that a handful of knowledge was all that the pharaoh needed to build the pyramids.