Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Mystical Objects inside the Pyramid at Giza
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Mystical Objects inside the Pyramid at Giza

PART #02 

Part #01-The mystical sphere of Dr. Ray Brown

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The great Pyramid at Giza is more known for its magnificent size and the architectural design and measurements. Even today it stands much greater than any other ancient monument of Egypt, its perfection is still incredible clear.
But there are many mysterious sides to the Pyramids at Giza, which are hardly mentioned, and here is one.

the Dixon Relics 
These items can be found at the British museum - Also known as the Dixon Relics.

Mystical Objects found inside the Pyramid at Giza 

This short post is about what was found inside the actual great pyramid at Giza.

In 1872 a man named Waynman Dixon were exploring the great pyramid’s queen’s chamber, when he discover two shafts, one in the north wall and one in the south wall.

The shafts were actually hidden(but only in this chamber), and so he removed the rocks until he came to the shaft ‘canal’. 

Mystical Objects that Dixon found; 

• A small piece of a wood staff/rod thing 

• A small bronze hook 
• A Granite sphere/ball 

The rod/staff piece which he found, seems to be lost or something? ? Some believe that there could have been preformed Carbon 14 analyses of the wood piece, so they would have a date of the objects (or rather one of the object). 

In 1993 the German Engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink investigated the shafts of the Queen’s chamber, with a small video camera which was attached upon a mini robot.

One of the pictures showed what you see upon the picture below.

Two rod/staff like objects, one was Dixons rod, and the other one looked a lot like the piece of what Dixon had found back in 1872. The Dixon Relics 

It will be interesting to see when these objects are taken out of the shaft, even more interesting would be when the rod/staff like object dates too.

I haven’t heard anything about, what these objects could have been used for. I believe there is some suspicion about the hook and the shafts doors which are still blocked. 

Personal note

When I saw that program on national geographic, where they took the small camera robot as fare as they could and hit a door, I had an interesting thought.

When they made a little hole to see what lay beyond the shaft door, they were met by rock material.

I clearly remembered that I thought it was a round thing of some sort, I could see some curves which are mostly found in round surfaces, and for me the material looked a lot like the material of the granite ball that Dixon found.

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  1. This is strange to just leave them in their,I would like to know what these rods where used for.

    I can only think of one use and that is a weapon of some kind.

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