Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Names of The Decans
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Names of The Decans

Ancient astronomy was a deeply integrated part of the ancient Egyptian religion. 
Ancient Astronomy 
was the first religion ever believed in.

I one day made a promise, and here is the fulfilment of that promise :) - The Decans and their names (Greek version).

You gaze at them at night, they have been beside you always. Their wonders go beyond human comprehension, and the knowledge of them, is a mystery unknown to modern man. 

The 36 Decans are stars, to be exact 36 stars, which were important for the ancient Egyptian.

They are the birth stone of Ancient Astronomy in the land of Egypt.

What are the 36 Decans?

The 36 Decans, also known as 36 stars (the weekly stars), and they are an essential part of the ancient Egyptian mindset, they are key players in the passing of the soul, which is proven by the images found in the tombs. 

The best way to classify them, would be as gods and goddess. Those beings that have No choice but to follow a higher force. 

This is not something that I make up my dear friend, I do not know why no one really speaks more about it, their knowledge do go beyond anything we've ever seen or heard of. Some people are baffled by the Pyramids, but the words written on the walls should also baffle people, yet not so many really know what is says on the walls. 

Let me be the first to tell you, firstly they speak to the heart of the people, what we today would call politics, compromises, the reason for such building/temple to be built, and so on. 

But as you move inside the temple/building, do walk slow, and do think, if you are ever there (in any temple). 

You will walk from the light of day into chambers of darkness, be not frighten for this darkness contains no monsters, except if your soul is filled with sin. 

But even a sinner may walk this path, if they have a regretting heart. With out you knowing it, many of these Decans are watching you as you walk into their domain.

Their names and images portrayed right in front of you, yet you do not see them. 

But listen ye well, for I will only tell, this; They are only shown on one side of the Nile, on the other side, other things are mentioned, but still these are also to be found there (but indeed much harder to find).

Names of the 36 Decans

Tepa-Kenmut Kenmut,
Kher-khept-Kenmut, Ha-tchat,
Pehui-tchat, Themat-Hert,
Themat-Khert, Ustha,
Bekatha, Tepa-khentet,
Khentet-Hert, Khentet-Khert,
Themes-En-Khentet, Sapt-Khennu,
Her-Ab-Uaa, Shesmu,
Kenmu, Semtet,
Tepa-Semt, Sert,
Sasa-Sert, Kher-khept-Sert,
Khukhu, Baba,
Khent-Heru, Her-Ab-Khentu,
Qet, Sasaqet,
Art, Khau,
Remen-Heru-An-Sah, Mestcher-Sah,
Remen-Kher-Sah, A-Sah,
Sah, Septet,

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  1. Thank you for your work on the names of the 36 dekans. I honestly think that they are important to our changing world today. William Gaspar

  2. Good research. I am focused on the megalith builders, and I am also finding that it was the sky which provided their understanding of existence, of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. I am sure there was a contact between the builders of the pyramids and those of Stonehenge, and the key is in the sky.

  3. We have researched the Eypt/astronomy connection for many years. The research is available at