Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Coffin of Tutankhamun
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By WindBlowerTM

Coffin of Tutankhamun

Coffin of Tutankhamun

If you ever visit Cairo museum, then you must check out the Tutankhamun section especially the outer coffin of Tutankhamun. 

Most people are normally more attracted to the famous mask of Tutankhamun, I went the completely different way.

I found myself most attracted to the outer coffin of Tutankhamun, which by themselves are a remarkable achievement.
Tutankhamuns outer coffin by karima

Do you know what Tutankhamun means?

His name was Tut-ankh-amun
(Note: The pharaohs of ancient Egypt had many names, reflecting different sides to that specific pharaoh (king). Tutankhamun, was also known under his birth name of Tut-ankh-amen (amen was from his fathers days, this would take several books by itself to explain)).

Tut - This part I find rather interesting, because it is not as straight forward to translate.

In this case it means Image of Amen, Image of Atem.

Ankh - The ankh was the symbol of life.

Amun - Amon was one of the great gods (in some periods in time he was the greatest god, depending on the priesthood. Tut-ankh-amun live in what is today known as Luxor, which was a centre for the Amon priesthood).

The word Amun is translated to mean 'what is hidden,' 'what is not seen,' 'what cannot be seen' in short 'hidden'

Tut - Ankh - Amun

The image of Amen - Life - is what is hidden
The image of Atem - Life - is what cannot be seen

other version - made by me (and generally accepted)

Amen - is life - and it remains hidden
The image of Amun - is life - and he remains unseen
The life - of Amen - cannot be seen

A secret Revealed

One could also read his name like this

The image of Amen is the life of Jupiter
The Moon - life - Jupiter (if we read Tut as Thoth)

Coffin of Tutankhamun

The pictures above shows you a little bit of the outer coffin of  the boy king. 

The outer coffin of Tutankhamun was decorated with gold leafs that enhance the strange details upon the coffin.

I classify them as unidentified beings, because their nature is still unknown. One thing I do know for curtain is that these beings belong to the journey of the soul, hereby linking them directly to the stars. The stars will always be the centre of the ancient Egyptian religion, both if you follow the older gods or the Osiris path.

The outer coffin of Tutankhamun is filled with these mysterious beings.

I have always thought that Tutankhamun was a patchy of the events happening between Akhenatons rule and the priest's opposition.