Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Astronomy
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Ancient Egyptian Astronomy

is very different from our modern day astronomy, but it was very vital for the ancient Egyptians belief system.

Ancient Egyptian astronomy was a very complex system which has survived for so long, that no one has come near to find any beginning of its creation. Where exactly Ancient  astronomy descends from is unknown, there are theories but nothing proven by archaeological finds.

"From the beginning there were the stars,
and when he said there should be light,
they alighted and were forever".

The old Pyramid builders are proven to be star worshippers, whereas the later Egyptians would come to change their belief purposely away from the stars. But they always mentioned them, as if they were unsure of which was right, so they kept the names and their beings.

Actually the later Egyptians could not root out the star worshippers from their ancient past, because their basic numeral system was build up by them.

The most important deity was the great lady Sirius, she was called Sopdet in ancient Egypt and she was the queen of the night heaven, the queen of the stars, Queen of the Decans.

The lady Sirius had a great husband who was the famous Orion, and his name was Sah in ancient Egypt, and he was one of the 36 Decans.

The old Pyramid builders believed that their soul would travel towards the pointed star, the pointed star is Sirius.

When a person was deceased, they believed that the soul automatically became a sister or brother to the stars, the greatest gods and goddess whom are below the greatest one, for it was universal.

Ancient Astronomy was seen like their writing system, a symbol system rather than a letter system.

The Greeks changed a lot, especially flipping genders and attributes of the gods and goddess. 

For instance in Ancient Greek mythology 
the earth was female and called Gaia, 
whereas in ancient Egyptian astronomy
 the earth was male and called Geb.

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