Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Pyramids of Africa
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By WindBlowerTM

Pyramids of Africa

Naturally you have heard of Pyramids, especially the famous great pyramids of Giza. 
But what do you know about the 
pyramids of Africa?

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The Great Pyramids of Giza

There are still a lot of people that have only heard of the great Pyramids of Giza, never being aware of the many dozens of pyramids that this holy land contains.

The great Pyramids are the most prominent of them all, because of their tremendous sizes and the mystery of how they did it and why? But they are hardly the only large pyramids in Egypt, merely the most spoken of.

Around 138 pyramids have now been identified in Egypt (2008), and there are probably more yet to be found, some have even been lost. The pyramids you find in Egypt are many different sizes, some are exceptionally large while others are very small.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

As I said above, the Pyramids of Giza are not the only Pyramids in Egypt, nor are they the only big pyramids in Egypt.

One of my favourite pyramids belong to a very old pharaoh Zoser, his pyramids were constructed by a very famous genies known as Imhotep. The later Greeks loved Imhotep so much that they raised his status to a god.

These are the names of some of the big Pyramids of Egypt

• Zoser (Djoser) Step Pyramid
• The Bent Pyramid
• Unas's Pyramid
• The Black Pyramid
• The Red Pyramid
• Meidum Pyramid

The Pyramids of Nubia, Sudan

If we keep following the Nile southward, we hit the northern boarder of Sudan. Africa is a beautiful place with a lot of different beautiful people and cultures, and Sudan is one among the many.

Sudan's northern part is filled with Pyramids, they are mostly referred to as the Nubian Pyramids, and they are like big cemeteries with pyramids as tombstones.

Nubian people are classified as the most beautiful people on earth, and I surely agree. The hospitality that they posses go beyond any I have ever seen. I really like the Nubian people, and I wish that they would be respected and accepted by their fellow country men.

The Nubian Pyramids are a remarkable sight by themselves. The sheer harmony of their geometric construction is fascinating, and despite being on a much smaller scale than the Egyptians, they illustrate a true mathematical consistency in their architectural construction.

Some of the Nubian Pyramids have pylons attached to them, as you would find in the Egyptian temples. The Nubian seems to have combined the pyramid construction with the front part of a temple construction, which is the visual part of the tomb above the ground. When entering the tomb, it has much the same feel as the Egyptian tombs. They took all three parts and stuck them together as their eternal resting place, whereas the Egyptians would divide them up.

There are so fare 220 Nubian Pyramids, one must wonder what more these parts of Africa holds? I do hope the fighting among people will stop.

Download Map listing the Pyramids of Africa *PDF file:
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Map Over African Pyramids


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