Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Tablets of Toth
Secret of Anubis - Ancient Astronomy
By WindBlowerTM

Tablets of Toth

"Beware of the keys,
because they open the ancient secret.
And the secret is written in
the language of the gods,
only the righteous may
enter and use the keys."

This is the True story based on Actual Archaeological findings and years of research by Great scholars.

Hermes Trismegistus is the Greek perception of Toth.

The oldest tale from ancient Egypt, about the tablet of Toth (also known as the Books of Thoth or The Book of Secrets by Thoth) is so old, that the ancient Egyptian thought of it, as ancient. 

It was said, that to own this book brought two things, all power of the world (actually to me it sounds like the same kind of power which Solomon was granted)... 

But with the gods wealth of power, they were doom from the first moment that they read the book, and so were their loved ones. 
The book was cursed!

Magicians of the ancient world would look for this book, as middle century men looked for the famous philosopher stone, where one begets the other.

The Emerald Tablets, and the  Tablets of Toth, and the  books of Thot,  will most likely confuse many people.  In some way they are the same,  and yet they are so different. 

The Emerald Tablets, is a more western concept from 12 century alchemists, whom wanted to change elements, such as making iron into gold and the likes. They normally used symbolism to tell their tale. They loved to use images that to some, come across as devil like, they seemed to have followed the footsteps of Solomon in playing with demotic symbolism.

The Tablets of Toth (or the Book of Thoth) is for me personally, somewhat the same subject. 
This is the most ancient scripture, which even the alchemist wanted to know more about. 

We could see it like this; 

The emerald tablets are a recipe from a big book, the big book is the Book of Thoth, remember this description is very simplified.

Book of Thoth

*Toth the god of August.

"13 ways shall lead into darkness,
12 will take your soul and only one
will be the passage of light.
Only a pure heart may walk these corridors."

Now the Book of Toth was said to be a book written by the hands of Thoth himself. The stories told surrounding this story about Khaemwese and the book of Toth was written 1000 years after the death of Khaemwese.

The Setne Papyrus Scroll

Download and Read The story written in the Setne Papyrus Scroll.

Download and read the Real story - Setne Papyrus Scroll

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