Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Mummy Films, classic old horror movies
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By WindBlowerTM

Mummy Films, classic old horror movies

Do you remember the good old days? 
Black and white swamp things coming slowly up of some pit?

I thought, I would talk a little bit about how I became fascinated by ancient Egypt.

Like so many, I was hooked on the old black and white movies about mummies.

Yes once the screen was black and white, personally I have always thought that they were more beautiful in black and white :)

I clearly remember getting absolutely spooked by a mummy coming up of a swamp, this was one of the bases for a mummy movie some 70 years back.

When it comes to movies surrounding mummies, it was and is, always some curse like theme. 

This kind of movie is usually based on some archaeological proven facts, but they also mix a lot of fiction into it, I do stress, a lot.

No order to the list

The Mummy 1932

This is truly one of the good old ones. This mummy film was directed by Karl Freund and was released on the 22 of December 1932. 

It is 1921, and an expedition to Egypt discovers the mummy of priest Imhotep. One of the expeditions assistants reads from an ancient scroll and Imhotep is given life.

This movie has the plot stretched over years, while Imhotep adapt to the surrounding world, as he is looking for his long lost soul mate Ankh-es-en-amon.

The mummy 1932 trailer

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

was released 18 of October 1964, it was produced and directed by Michael Carreras.

It is 1900 and a British Egyptologists team finds the tomb of Ra and his mummy, the team bring their discovery back to London, in the hopes of having a luxurious exhibition.

On the eve of the exhibition while everyone is anticipating what they are going to see, they open the sarcophagus of Ra, but it is empty...

Suddenly people at the museum starts to die, and no one knows it secret...'s_Tomb

The Mummy, Hosted by Christopher Lee 1/4

If I am not mistaken, then it was this one that I watched as a very young child, I was around 10 maybe even younger. And no my parents did not know, or they would have switched it off. 

When I look at them today, it's like watching the old rubber Godzilla, no point intended.
It is interesting how demanding even our eyes get, we are attuned to small things through time.

I must admit that I have no problems in watching the good old black and white movies.

The Mummy was released in 1959 written by Jimmy Sangster and produced by Michael Carreras and a Mr. Anthony Nelson Keys in England.

It seems to have been part of a series, or should I say they followed the theme of some other mummy movies from 20 years earlier.

Now I can see that there are some funny points in this movie, and looses a lot of credibility in today's world.

In this movie we have a archaeologist team searching for the tomb of a high priestess of the god Karnak (?) This made me smile. 
Or maybe someone meant to say "Priestess at KarnakOr something like that. For surely there has never been a god named Karnak...

Amazing Stories, Series 1 Episode 4, Mummy Daddy

In the late 1980's Steven Spielberg created this awesome series called Amazing Stories, which was my favorite series in the beginning of the 1990's.

This is a short film about a modern day (90's) film crew, trying to make a film at night out in the country side. The actor that is playing the mummy gets a call and is told that his wife is giving birth in the nearby hospital. 

The Mummy dad stiffly runs to the car, being in such a rush that he drove off wearing the mummy costume... Not the best thing you can do while visiting the country side at night.. Panic breaks out... 
I would recommend that you watch it, it is funny, and it is the people that are scary...

So to this Mummy film list, I have to add the Mummy Daddy.

Best FIGHT scene Ever !!!

Is there a Curse?

If we look at ancient Egyptian manuscript, then there indeed was a curse placed upon what was holy, and surely the mummy was a priority of any tomb. 

Actually there are also scriptures on the tomb wall, which if people could read them, would probably make them more humble, if not scared...

The mummy was essential in ancient Egyptian spiritual belief, as it was the chamber/vessel of the soul. They called the soul Ba, actually it is not really the soul, I have a article post about that What a human consist off 

Mummies will always capture our attention, as their ancient culture have captivated so many, through thousands of years. 

The care and attention to the body after death, seems obscure to our modern day world. It is not really obscure, but rather beautiful if you look at it in a different manner.

They followed the path of the Star Sirius, which traveled for many days. The crossing of Sirius over the night sky, takes 70 days. The mummification took 70 days, as if they were trying to loosen the soul from the corpse, so that it would travel among the stars.